Listing Your Equipment is Free and Easy!

The first step towards selling your equipment is to list it on our website. If you have any questions about the listing process or would like some assistance, please contact the Listings Department at or at 1800.110.978.

View our Listing Guide to make sure you include everything.

Please allow up to one business day to process your listing. You will receive a confirmation when it has been processed. We add a commission on top of your asking price - this is the price that will appear on the website. You don't pay any fees to sell your equipment with us!

Info Check

Info Check helps you provide the information that buyers want to know about equipment they are planning to purchase. There are eight key items that make up an "Info Checked" listing. Listings with all eight key items show up on our website first, making it one of the first listings seen by potential buyers.

Looking for an example? Check out a sample listing to see what a completed listing can look like.

  • Complete Description
    Including year, make, model and hours of each piece of equipment and quantities of parts, tooling and pipe. Check out our Listing Guide.
  • Detailed Photos
    At least 10 high-resolution photos of the equipment and its components. Check out our Tips for Taking Photos.
  • Videos
    Including footage of the equipment operating its basic functions.
  • Complete Serial Numbers
    Include serial numbers for all equipment components that have one. Serial numbers will NOT be displayed on the website and are required to sell the equipment.
  • Inspection Reports
    Carried out by a qualified mechanic, preferably form an independent third party company. You can use our Condition Report template.
  • Lien Disclosures
    Fill out and sign our Ownership Statement document.
  • Titles
    Supply a high quality digital or faxed copy of titles for trucks, trailers, or other road-worthy vehicles.
  • Service History
    Submit detailed service records for at least the past six months. Check out a sample document of the kind of service history you can submit.

Check out our Info Check frequently asked questions for more information.

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